PP Filter Press Help Manufacturer Realize Transformation Under Strict Environment Laws

- Sep 01, 2018-

Recent years, the government has more and more strict environment policy. And Chinese people feels getting more welfare from the policy. Now the range of laws is still expending and deepening. And the government expects the manufacturers can realize transformation from traditional. 

In fact, from 2014, after the first environment protection law was issued, every year China are hundreds of thousands cases caused by pollution. Just on 2017, there are totally 0.17 million cases, which is two times as 2016. On 2015 the law is for air pollution, on 2017 is for wastewater and soil pollution. Every year, the national government will arrange teams to supervise the laws implementation at every provinces. And thousands of officers are dismissed by environment problems. Under such situation, the material cost sharply increasing, thus how a Chinese manufacture develops? 

The policy aims to weed out the small plants which have outdated production facilities and serious pollution. Here are some suggestions: 1.Adopts closed working technology to replace the open technology, so that avoid to contacts with harmful materials. 2. For air pollution, where can not realize opening working situation, must adopts negative pressure suction to process the air. 3. For wastewater treatment, manufacturer must use pp filter press to replace the open type filtration equipment, such as, centrifuge machine, so that avoid toxic elements leakage. 4.Develops advanced technology, so that improve the water service efficiency. 

Under this policy, with the raw material increasing, our pp filter press has big market demand and the pp filter press price increase sharply. If you want to buy a pp filter press for wastewater treatment, pls hurry to contact us.  

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