Precautions For First-time Operation Of Filter Press

- Apr 25, 2017-

Filter press in the first time, need to pay attention to a lot of things, in the daily use of filter press, filter press switches can not be ignored, which has a greater impact on the operation of the machine. Before the boot should check, filter tape whether there is debris, filter belt is tight to work pressure, cleaning system work is normal, scraping Mud board position is correct, the oil mist work is normal.

The boot steps are as follows:

1 Add flocculating Agent to initiate the liquid mixing system.

2 Start the air compressor, open the inlet valve, according to the tightness of the filter belt adjustment to 0.25 · 0.35Mpa! Start the motor should check the voltage and motor wiring voltage before the correct, to prevent errorsWait until all the normal rear can start.

3 Start cleaning the pump, open the intake valve, start cleaning the filter.

4 Start the main drive motor, so that the filter is functioning properly. To make the filter run at a certain rate, not in the filter plate more than the prescribed number of less than the situation, and pay attention to damage the parts. Before feeding, should check the filter plate arrangement, pay attention to filter cloth do not have folding phenomenon, to avoid leakage;

5 The Flocculant-dosing pump, sludge feeding and flocculation stirring motor are initiated in turn. When the sludge pump is turned on, the sludge in the pond is poured into the dosing bucket with equal flux, and the dosing pump is opened for dosing, by regulating the ball valve to regulate the flow of the sludge and the medicament flow, the start-up reaction agitation motor deceleration and dehydration agitation motor deceleration.

6 Adjust the intake pressure to 0.6MPA, so that the pressure of two filter bands is consistent.

7 Adjust the amount of mud and the speed of the filter, so that the processing volume and dehydration rate to achieve the best.

In order to grasp the safety of the filter operation, can be more secure after the work, a simple filter presses on the start of the operation will be a lot of steps, for the frequent operation of the press filter technical staff, to understand this knowledge is very important.

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