Round Filter Press Machine For Ceramic Sludge Dewatering

- May 20, 2017-

FILTER PRESS is a general tool for solid liquid separation. Because it is easy operation, lower running cost, wide application, today is popularly used in various industry, such as ceramic, wastewater sludge dewatering, mining, chemicals etc...

Easy operation: filter press machine has a very simple structure, and the working principle is very easy to understand, so it’s easy to operate. Lower running cost: the filter press is a intermittent equipment, that means, only when close or open filter plate pack the motor will run (several minutes). And if use good filter clothes, say, in wastewater treatment, it can used for several months. So the running cost is very very low. Wide application: comparing with some filtration filter press can be used for most of material, no matter big solids or fine solids, from light particles to heavy particles, and not only suitable for industrial materials but also for foods even medicines. So it’s widely used and very popularly welcomed.

Filter Plate.jpg

This month, our automatic round filter press exported is for ceramic industry. This kind of filter press system is high pressure filter press. The higher feeding pressure means better filtering performance.

Filter Press Machine.jpg

From the pictures, you can see that, we, SINO FILTRATION, with rich experience, can supply with professional services on filter press and delivery. While delivery, especially for the big filter presses, the plates will be dismounted by pallets, so fixing is very important, otherwise it might cause lost. The picture is a 40” HQ container with 6 sets filter presses, but with our service, goods can be protected in a good condition to endure long time shipping data on the sea. More info pls contact us:

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