The Fold Problem Of Filter Cloth Of Press Filter

- Apr 25, 2017-

Filter cloth is the main filter media of the filter press, which plays the most important role in the filtration work. If the filter cloth to make the fold, folding, breakage and other problems can affect the filtration efficiency of the filter press, so when the filter cloth to fold in time to deal with, the following large pressure filter press provides some treatment methods can be used according to the actual situation.

The fold phenomenon of filter cloth is usually due to incorrect pairs, the tension is not enough can also lead to wrinkle filter cloth, although the filter equipment has an aggravating rotation wheel to carry out the filter tension, but the wheel also needs to be added. The roller slider is left with slot confession to aggravate the use.

Sometimes the deposition of solids can result in the dislocation of the filter cloth and crease in the cloth roller or sliding regulating block. When this happens, first stop the filter, thoroughly clean the roller and sliding adjustment blocks. Start the drive, adjust the filter cloth to the neutralization tension. Then carefully observe the accumulation of solids when the filter is operated normally. If necessary, increase flushing water to flush out residual solids.

The dislocation and wrinkle of the filter press may also be caused by the dislocation of the coil or other rotary rollers. This dislocation is manifested as the diagonal deflection of the cloth zipper. Because the outer rim of the filter cloth each side is uneven, resulting in a filter in the direction of walking around the side of the cloth on the other side, the leading edge of the trip is shorter. After using the tension block on the sliding adjusting block to reduce the strain on the back side of the filter Butuo, shorten the stroke distance of the Butuo side and rectify the appearance.

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