Factory Supply Custom Porous Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter Plate for Alloy Filtration

Factory Supply Custom Porous Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter Plate for Alloy Filtration

1.Customized design.
2.Various materials for choice: stainless steel/cast iron/pp.
3.To meed individual needs.
4.High pressure endured.
5.High temperature endured.
6.Professional producing.

Product Details

Our Food Filter Press machine, Filter Presses machine, Sewage Sludge filter press has made remarkable achievements with excellent production technology and product quality since it has been facing the market. We have an advanced production team, a mature design team, and a passionate sales team. With stable working conditions and treatment, our company has a certain competitive advantage in attracting talents. We will provide high-quality, high-performance products and quality services for all partners. Our corporate spirit has evolved over the years but remains the same, always maintaining the common characteristics of responsibility, advancement and transcendence.

For some advanced demand and some special material or working situation requirements, we also can supply with some special PP filter plate (CGR filter plate, round filter plate, cotton cake filter plate), cast iron filter plate, stainless steel filter plate etc...

7.PP Chamber Filter plate.jpg

CGR filter plate is mainly for the toxic, harmful material, so that completely no leakage while filtering. Normally we regard it is a flexible function of filter press.

Round filter plate is high pressure filter plate, it mainly used for ceramic industry. It’s feeding pressure can be 1.6 MPa or much higher.

3.Cast Iron Filter Plate.jpg

Cotton cake filter plate is just for cotton cake filter press, whose filter medium is cotton cakes. Cotton cake filter press mainly used for gelatin, so it also named as gelatin filter press.

11.Stainless steel filter press plate 2.jpg

For the cast iron filter plate, the filter plate material is cast iron. It’s mainly used for high temperature materials. Stainless steel filter plate mainly for the sanitary and food grade situation or chemical industry. The above belongs to steel filter plate.

More info on filter press plate pls contact us.

If you are looking for the customized various material filter press plate (round/cgr/cast iron/stainless steel), welcome to buy the quality equipment from our professional manufacturers in China. The customized service with competitive price is also available in our factory.

Advanced production equipment, professional management, casting the first-class quality of our Factory Supply Custom Porous Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter Plate for Alloy Filtration. We believe that through our continuous efforts and pursuit, we will be able to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results with our customers and enterprises! Our company implements the integration strategy, realizes the enterprise group, develops our core competitiveness, implements the strengthening strategy, and speeds up our product development and market penetration.
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